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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of Emjays Designer Collection are related to anything we sell to you by this website or online store. Moreover, these terms of service along with other the order receipt and dispatch emails Emjays Designer Collection send to you will make an agreement between us. So, if you are our customer or plan to be the one then you must go through these terms of service carefully in order to know what you have signed up or will sign up for.

  1. Right of changing terms of service:

Emjays Designer Collection has this complete right of changing these terms of service when its team feels suitable. However, the terms of service that will be applied to your purchase will be the same terms and conditions which were applicable at the time you bought the product from us.

  1. Different from privacy policy and website terms of use:

These terms of service are related to your shopping from our website but not how you use our site. Thus, in order to look into the matters including how you use our website then you must go through our privacy policy.

  1. Matters about process of placing an order:

In order to do shopping from the online store of Emjays Designer Collection, you must know how to place an order online at our site. When you love something from our collection and touch on the order or buy option then you formally enter into the process of placing an order. Our process of ordering allows customers to review and change any errors before submitting the order. You can also cancel the order before dispatch.

After your order has been placed you will receive an e-mail from us that will confirm your order details and finally we will confirm your order which means that a proper contract between us has been done.

  1. Payments:

When things come to payment then you must give authority to us which means that Emjays Designer Collection will decide when to take payment from you. The payment can be taken at the time of order, after delivery or even in the time between placement of an order and delivery of the product.

  1. Prices:

The prices of products at our site are fixed. Moreover, if we have mentioned a low price of product than its actual price by mistake then you have to pay as per the actual price only if we have notified you about the error before confirming or accepting your order. Also, the prices don’t include delivery charges.

  1. Matters about products:

We don’t give any guarantee that all the products of our website will be in stock always. They can be out of stock as well. Thus, expecting from us that all the products are always in stock is wrong. Moreover, there is possibility that products on our website may differ a little bit than their original form because those pictures are for the purpose of illustration, however, we try our best to show the images of products in as much original from as we can.

  1. Delivery:

Delivery across the globe can cause extra taxes and import duties about which we don’t have any idea and thus, we can’t give you the accurate calculations. You are responsible to pay those taxes and import duties and not Emjays Designer Collection.

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